Ryan Bergara and his contact with the dark

Ryan Bergara is an American producer, born on November 26, 1990, he completed university studies at Chapman University in the city of Orange California, graduating as a journalist for television, then specialized as a television and broadcasting conductor, although he has worked in other areas related to the media as it has been; editor, screenwriter and director of photography.
His beginnings began as a university intern who had the fortune of working at Viacom and Sony Pictures, remaining a taste for the television business he founded his own company named JamexiPoductions.

His bodily characteristics are due to his Filipino ancestry and he is sentimentally related to the Helen Pan girl, some other link is unknown.
In the year 2014, Ryan Bergara started a job as a simple intern or video partner in Buzz feed, then making merits for his excellent work he became a producer, followed by those constant turns that occur in the media managed to be the driver of the same series in the year of 2,016 where he played in a role of food critic of restaurants or small food stalls, they evaluated the price, presentation and diverse opinions of consumers, following the same wave with his co-worker Shane, made stories history in a totally unusual way that won them many followers in the Ruining History program.
In view of his acquired fame, Ryan Bergara makes don series of programs called BuzzfeedUnsolved and Buzz feed supernatural respectively, which has been the most popular among its fans because they are about scares and apparitions, which invite the audience to share their daring experiences with beings from beyond, they have also explored the sports environment that has always stood out for generating controversy in one way or another.
The sites to which you have made documented visits have been; Rolling Hills Hospital is a well-known center for the treatment of mental illness located in the state of Oklahoma and the Goat man’s Bridge in the state of Texas, just to name a few.

Posted on November 6, 2018